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This page intends to give an overview of bioinformatics studies and courses available in the Oslo region, in which the regional FUGE comittee played an important part. An overview of available courses are given below, and will be updated on a regularly basis. Information about "FUGE east" bioinformatics courses will soon be updated as part of the release of a new page. If you have relevant information to this page, you are encouraged to contribute.

University of Oslo

General information about bioinformatics studies at UiO

Department of Informatics

INF3340 - Statistical bioinformatics (bachelor level, autumn)
INF3350 - Introduction to bioinformatics (bachelor level, autumn)
INF4340 - Statistical bioinformatics (master level, autumn)
INF4350 - Introduction to bioinformatics (master level, autumn)
INF5340 - Algorithms in bioinformatics (spring)
MBV-INF4410 - Applied readings in math, comp.sci. and biology (master level)
INF9340 - Statistical bioinformatics (PhD level, autumn)

Department of Molecular Biosciences

MBV3070 - Bioinformatics (spring)
MBV4140 - Applied bioinformatics (spring)

Department of Biology

BIO4200 - Molecular evolution (autumn)
BIO4210 - Classification and phylogeny (autumn)

Agricultural University of Norway at Ås

General information about bioinformatics studies at Ås

Department of Chemistry, biotechnology and Food science

BIN 210 - Introduction to Bioinformatics (spring)
KJB 310 - Protein Chemistry (autumn)
BIN 310 - Bioinformatics (autumn)
BIN 320 - Theoretical Regulatory Biology (spring)
BIN 320 - Theoretical Regulatory Biology (spring)

Department of Plant and Environmental Sciences

BIO 321 - Population Genetics and Molecular Evolution (autumn)

Department of Animal and Aquacultural Sciences

BIN 300 - Statistical Genomics
BIN 350 - Genome Analysis, Methodology

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Latest News: April 30. 2006
Anja von Heydebreck will give a seminar at Domus Medica, UiO. Please check out the seminars page for details.
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